Tis the Season, Let it Start!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and got plenty of turkey, stuffing, and pie…I sure did! As we surround ourselves with the joy of the holiday season and head towards Christmas and the New Year, we’re all thinking about gifts, fashion, and food.  So my next few posts will concentrate on getting you prepared for those festivities, beginning with this one!

This week is all about the ladies…finding gifts for your girlfriends.  I’m a huge fan of wristlets because they’re the perfect sized bag for a night out or quick trip to the store, and we can never have enough.  I love wristlet-hunting at Nordstrom where you find all the brands for great prices.  Here are a few of the ones I suggest, all under $100:

Coach – $58 (available in more colors)

Kate Spade – $70

Michael Kors – $78 (available in more colors)

Steve Madden – $78 (available in more colors)

Marc Jacobs – $88 (available in more colors)

Now let’s move on to cupcakes! If you’re thinking about baking some Christmas cupcakes ( I definitely will be), and want an idea on decorating them, I suggest strawberry Santa hats:

I found this on a blog called Domestic Fits and love it!  I think these Santa hats are great Christmas Cupcake toppers because they’re easy to make and delicious…and who doesn’t love strawberries?!

Be sure to check back next Sunday for more Holiday season fashion and cupcake ideas!


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